Lent 3, Wednesday, Year B

Inspired by Psalm 84 

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than live in the tents of wickedness.” Psalm 84:10 (NRSV) 

In today’s consumer culture, the generally accepted assumption is that bigger is always better. We want bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger meal portions. We want more toys, more choices, and more autonomy to pursue our more and bigger pleasures.

But in the midst of all those choices, all those goods, and all that gluttony, we can begin to feel small, lost, and insignificant. We can be trapped by the sheer number of options, and have difficulty discerning what is truly best for us amid all the noise.

Our God is the Lord of all, and he knows what’s best. He calls out to us and offers us his salvation and his glory. The psalmist understood that nothing on earth can compare to the Lord. Without God we are in bondage, and a single day in his glory is far better than a thousand days spent in prison. Service to the Lord will result in a richer and more blessed life than service to our own sinful desires.

The Lord God is bigger than any other goal we could seek, and obedience to him provides more freedom than any other choice we could make.

Let us pray. Magnificent God, you offer us richness and blessings. Grant us the will to seek you above our own sinful desires, that we may experience the joy and the glory that come only from you. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.