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Season after Pentecost (Ordinary Time) 2015

The anticipation and excitement of last Advent and Christmas are distant memories; the agony of the Three Days and the joyful celebration of Easter have come and gone. Next Advent is months away. The darkness of winter is over, the new life of spring has sprouted, and we are entering the long, lazy days of summer.

While the Season after Pentecost lacks the drama of Christmas, Easter, and the seasons leading up to or immediately following those high holy days, God is no less active in the church and in our lives now than he is then. God is with us in the midst of our routines, and God is with us as we deviate from our schedules, try new things, or refresh ourselves at well-known retreats.

In this Season after Pentecost I’m continuing to write and publish Quiet Devotions–here as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter–and I’m putting more time into finishing the novel I began several years ago. I feel strongly that now is the time to bring this story into the world, so it has become my top priority, even above Quiet Devotions. I hope I won’t have to suspend publication of the devotions again, but it is a possibility, as my writing time is limited. If you are a regular reader of Quiet Devotions, I ask for your patience and understanding.

When I first began writing this novel, Quiverfull was a fringe movement few knew about. In the last few years it has gained both popularity and notoriety. My novel takes place in this world, exploring some of the issues that can arise in a family that adheres to Quiverfull and patriarchal beliefs and practices. As I get closer to releasing the book, I’ll reveal more of the details here.

I hope you have an extraordinarily blessed Ordinary Time!


Karen Goltz


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